Ten Thumbs kan worden gebruikt met Microsoft Windows, Linux en ook met Apple computers.
“Als je een trage ‘met 1 vinger’ typist bent, dan kan Ten Thumbs software je nieuwe beste vriend zijn.”
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Ten Thumbs 4 includes the ability to connect to Apple's iTunes 6 software. You can use Ten Thumbs to control music playback while you're learning to type, and have Ten Thumbs search the Internet for the lyrics of your favorite songs to type along with.

  1. Download and type lyrics to all your favorite iTunes*
  2. Unique feature provides hours of learning and fun
  3. Type faster songs as your skill level grows!
  4. Optionally control your playlist directly from Ten Thumbs

For more information download our PDF guide to using iTunes SongSeeker™.

Important: Runtime Revolution Ltd, has enabled Ten Thumbs to act in the manner of a browser searching out lyrics for your own personal educational use. Please do not save the lyrics or use them in a non-educational way without the express permission of the copyright holder. Do not use this facility at all where it is prohibited by local law. Runtime Revolution Ltd, accepts no warranty for the use of copyright materials, which remain at all times the property of the respective copyright holder.

*Subject to availability. Currently English only.

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