Ten Thumbs peut être utilisé sur PC (Windows ou Linux) et aussi sur Macintosh !
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From Version 4.0 Ten Thumbs includes the ability to interface with Apple's iTunes if it is installed on your computer. You can use Ten Thumbs to control music playback while you're learning to type, and even (where available) type along with the lyrics of your favorite songs.

To do this, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start iTunes and play any song you like.
  2. Open up Ten Thumbs
  3. Click the on the text in the top right corner of the lesson screen to  download the lyrics.

You can set up Ten Thumbs to play music from the currently playing playlist, or you can create a “Ten Thumbs” playlist, which Ten Thumbs can use to play songs. To do this, simply:

  1. Create a “Ten Thumbs” playlist with some songs in iTunes
  2. In the Personal Settings (found on the options screen), change the iTunes settings to use this “Ten Thumbs” play list.

Important: Runtime Revolution Ltd, has enabled Ten Thumbs to act in the manner of a browser searching out lyrics for your own personal educational use. Please do not save the lyrics or use them in a non-educational way without the express permission of the copyright holder. Do not use this facility at all were it is prohibited by local law. Runtime Revolution Ltd, accepts no warranty for the use of copyright materials, which remain at all times the property of the respective copyright holder.

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